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The Clovermead Story

Meet the Hiemstras…

Beekeeping is in the Hiemstra blood! Chris is a third generation beekeeper! His grandfather had beehives in the Netherlands and passed the love of beekeeping onto his sons. Chris’ father, Henry, is one of those 6 sons and in 1975 began selling honey in the garage behind his house and named his operation Clovermead. In the late 1980’s Henry and Ann moved and restored an old log cabin on their farm, which is the home for the Honey Gift Store you see today.


Chris and Christy bought the business in 2000 taking on the family tradition of restoring and reusing antique buildings and barns. The Brownsville train station became the home for the Bee Discovery station where now you can learn about the wonderful world of bees. Over the years, Chris and Christy have dragged home and restored corn cribs, pig houses and even antique outhouses! Now the fourth generation of the Hiemstra family is being raised with a passion for bees and is joining in the construction of the adventure farm by coming up with fun ideas of things to do at Clovermead.


Each year, we try to offer something new and engaging.
If you have any suggestions, please let us know.