11302 Imperial Road Aylmer, Ontario
519-773-5503 | info@clovermead.com

The BEEstro Cafe

Open 11am-4pm – Closed Sundays

Saturdays ONLY in June, Sept. October

Everyday in July and August

If inclement weather, Beestro Cafe will be closed


Family Fun can make you hungry…and thirsty.
Our BEEstro Cafe serves up delicious treats:

Pulled Pork on a Bun or Poutine

Garden Salads

German Sausage

All beef Franks

French Fries or Poutine

Veggies and dip

Slushies (summer)

Coffee/Tea/Juice/ Pop

Hot chocolate (Fall)

Scooped Ice cream

Please note: On Saturdays in June, September and October and during the summer months of July and August, we ask that lunches brought from home be eaten in the designated spots in front of the store and in the orchard near the parking lot, and not in the Adventure Farm. Snacks and drinks are most welcome to be brought into the Adventure Farm. Please no coolers!


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