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Bus "Buzz" Tours

Bus Tours = “Buzz” Tours

Group and motor coach tours last 60 minutes. Cost is $6 plus tax per guest. The admission for the bee farm fun zone is included. Groups of 12 or less people, $72 plus tax. Groups over 40 guests, $5 plus tax per guest.

Please note that confirmation is required for all bookings.

Experience the wonderful world of honey bees! With Clovermead’s PowerPoint presentation, you will learn about the life of the Queen Bee and her 30,000 kids. We will show you how the honey bee family works together and how they make their home. What food and products do bees make? It’s not just honey! Learn about how important honey bee pollination is to the fruits and vegetables that we eat.

See live the wonderful world of honey bees safely behind a screened deck. Perhaps a baby bee will hatch for you. Personally meet the Queen Bee and watch the worker bees come home with pollen.



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You are welcome to stay on the adventure farm and stroll down the trails after the tour. Why not meet our friendly farm animals? Browse Clovermead’s Honey Gift shop and try all our honey samples.

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Upon arrival, please pay with one payment at front counter. Please arrive 10 minutes early for washroom break if needed.

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We will reschedule if raining

We will ensure you have a good sweet time at Clovermead!

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