Thanks for your interest in employment at Clovermead!

Events Planner- POSITION OPEN

Do you love to plan plan plan and then execute? Do you love little details, researching, organizing, brainstorming, and bee-ing creative? Do you love to entertain people, and create experiences that create long-lasting memories for families? If so, this position may bee for you! As an Event Planner Worker Bee, we ask that you are able to work full time, including Saturdays and some evenings.  You must be able to create plans within a budget, share those plans with the Clovermead team, and then execute the plan using the right tools and people. If this position is perfect for you- please apply! We look forward to learning more about you!


Every year we have more applicants than we can possibly hire, so if you’re not up for smiling and helping people, this job is not for you.  Thank you for understanding:)




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