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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Is Clovermead wheel chair accessible?

The Honey Gift Shop and Adventure farm are wheelchair accessible, as well as the washrooms.

FAQ 2: Is there danger in getting stung?

Clovermead keeps most of their bee hives on other farm land so there are not 24 million bees flying around on the farm. The honey bees here are pretty friendly and you generally do not notice them. Just like in a park! Honey bees are vegetarians, they eat pollen and collect nectar, they do not eat people. Honey bees will sting if they feel threatened, they will leave you alone if you leave them BEE.

FAQ 3: Are we allowed to bring our own food?

On Saturdays in June, September and October and during the summer days of July and August, outside food is not permitted. Our cafe offers a full menu of options. For your convenience, Clovermead has picnic tables in the parking areas for you to eat your own lunch if you wish. Water bottles and juice bottles are allowed, but no coolers. Day camps & schools are allowed to bring in their lunches.

FAQ 4: Is there parking available for motor coaches?

Yes, we have adequate parking for motor coaches. If you have a bus load of people that would like to come by, please call ahead so we can leave a parking space for you and have staff on hand to ensure an unBEElievably incredible tour experience.

FAQ 5: What happens if it rains?

Any hive demonstrations or bee beards will be cancelled or postponed if it is raining. The farm will still be open if you would like to be adventurous in the rain. Some attractions and the Beestro Cafe may be closed due to inclement weather. If it begins to rain within 45 minutes of your arrival and you leave within that time, we will provide day passes to you and your group so you can come back for a visit another day. You must present your proof of purchase (time must be within 45 minutes) in order to receive the passes.

FAQ 6: What are the winter hours? Closed only in January & February

The store is open 6 days a week from March 1st until December 24th. In January and February, the store is closed. On-line shopping is available through our Honey Shop.

The Adventure Farm is open from June 1st until October 31st. We are closed on Sundays.

FAQ 7: When will the bees be on display?

The glass bee hive is filled with bees when it is warm during the day and night. The bees do not do well in this hive when it is cold. Usually the hive is ready the second week of June until the end of September.

FAQ 8: Can we ride a bee?

Yes, you can! There is a wild stinging bee you are welcome to ride (a hanging barrel).

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