Clovermead’s Honey Shop is full of sweet surprises!

Clovermead’s 24 million bees work hard every day to provide you with Clovermead’s famous Summer Blossom Honey. Clovermead also has 12 different honey spreads, from cinnamon, maple, lemon to an interesting sweet heat honey spread, all made with Summer Blossom creamed honey.


Enjoy the aroma of pure Canadian honey & pure Canadian beeswax in the Honey Shop!

Clovermead Honey Shop also has bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, pure beeswax candles, comb honey, creamed honey, all-natural hand creams, and skincare products, homemade granola, loose tea, jams and dressings made with honey, maple syrup and much more.

Summer Blossom Honey

Summer Blossom Honey is our most popular honey, and our local honey made by the bees right here in Elgin County.  Summer Blossom has a unique blend of flowers in the area, and not too strong like Buckwheat nor too sweet like Sweet Clover. Summer Blossom is the perfect honey to sweeten up your tea or coffee!

Bee Pollen

What is it? Pollen is the male element of the flower and is necessary for the fertilization of the plant and the continuation of the species.  The honey bee is directly responsible for over 80% of all vital pollination. The benefits of taking bee pollen are-  Bee pollen may help in aiding: allergies, anemia, blood building impotence, infertility, kidney disorder, menopausal symptoms, prostate disease, and ulcers.  Bee Pollen is also known to give you energy.


Power Honey

What is it? Power honey contains all the powerful products of the beehive- royal jelly, pollen, and propolis combined together with Clovermeads Summer Blossom Honey. The benefits of taking power honey- known to give you energy, bolster the immune system, and help alleviate stress.


Raw Royal Jelly

What is it? Raw Royal Jelly is thick, like milk food made from the pollen and honey, and collected and chewed on by the young nursing worker bees, secreted from their pharyngeal.  Benefits of taking raw royal jelly- made aid in helping: sleeplessness, moodiness, memory loss, alleviate anxiety, increase energy, and bolster the immune system.


Pure Beeswax

We sell both pure beeswax candles and bulk pure beeswax! The perfect aroma and golden colour to add to the room!

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